Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Attachment Parenting: Wearing your baby

Attachment parenting is the rage these days, thanks to books by Dr Sears and the like. I am too, a fan and believer attachment parenting. I don't own a stroller and instead wear my baby using the Ergobaby Sport everywhere I go, by myself and using public transport. I started using the Ergo, with the infant insert when my baby was 5 weeks old, because it became too difficult to manage the cradle hold with a 5kg baby who always manages to struggle out of her swaddle.

The infant insert is not a breeze to use initially, but after watching the video many times and experimenting and practicing, I can manage the wearing process without any assistance.

Many skeptics ask if the Ergobaby is too hot for the baby, given Singapore's weather. You know what, the baby in your womb is in a 36.9 degrees celcius environment, isn't that hotter? Having said that, I do take great care to not walk in the hot sun excessively and dress her simply.

The Ergobaby is comfortable and doesn't cause backaches if you use it correctly - that is by having the lower strap strapped to your hips, instead of at your waist. The positioning is also most natural for babies, as the baby is being supported by her sit bones, instead of her crotch. This is a good read for anyone who is considering between the Babybjorn and Ergobaby.